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No two air ducts are exactly the same but the emotional trauma and stress from health issues with dirty air ducts is a very common experience to go through.
We are air duct cleaning specialists. Our technicians are training extensively and are certified by the industry leaders IICRC in damage restoration (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification), RIA (Restoration Industry Association). And certified in CRA (Cleaning and Restoration Association). Over 20 years experience with the latest equipment and technological skills. We can restore your dirty air ducts in your house or business back to normal. Clean air duct in your home or business will provide better health.
Call Now: 800-553-5663

Caring Staff at Central Flood

Central Flood is concerned about your health. Respiratory problems from bad air ducts can overwhelming you and your family. Central Flood can clean up air ducts. Immediate response to your phone call. We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A person will kindly answer your phone call and assist with your air duct cleaning needs today!

Over 20 years of Experience

We have seen it all. With over 20 years of experience, we can rescue you from your air duct problems and restore your business or home back to normal. Complete air duct restoration in a professional and fast service. The latest air duct restoration skills and equipment are used with each call.

Call Now: 800-553-5663
This passed Holiday season I had a bad flood in my home due to my toilet overflowing all over the floor. Not knowing what to really do, due to the fact that I have never gone through this before I called the first number I saw on the front cover of the phone book which had to be the best decision I made. This company has a remarkable response time and great customer service. They sent out two guys who really help me through this tough time and walked me step by step through the process and worked directly with my insurance company. From the moment I called talking to the very professional receptionist who help calm my nerves to the end of the reconstruction this company helped me get my home back together. I would DEFINETLY recommend this company to anyone!
Tammy W.
Without hiring Central Flood, we would have lost our house. The water damage caused by a slab leak would have been very costly for us, and with the insurance rep who basically refused to cover the damage, I was sure we will go in foreclosure. I am grateful we hired Central Flood. They know how to deal with the insurance (their bureaucracy) and how to handle all the repairs necessary. They guided us through all the process. The important key was to hire Central Flood as soon as the damage happened. Very grateful!

Dalia Q.

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