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No one expects they will have to deal with a plumbing emergency, but unfortunately, they often happen at the most inconvenient times. No matter what time of day or night it is, when you need help with your emergency plumbing needs in the Temecula CA area, call Central Flood Management right away to speak to one of our trained and experienced plumbers.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repair

Emergency Plumbers Temecula CA

We are 24-hour emergency plumbing specialists that service all of Temecula CA and the surrounding areas. At Central Flood Management, we handle a multitude of different plumbing issues you may experience, such as: slab leaks, repiping, burst pipes, broken faucets, clogged pipes, broken pipe repair, and any other plumbing service involving water leaks.

We are on call 24/7 every day for any type of disaster in your home or office. Our friendly specialists are ready to respond to your call and we’ll be on our way within an hour, day or night. We have the equipment and certifications necessary to properly stop your flooding, fix the problem causing it, and clean and dry out your property the right way.

Fully trained and Certified in Pipe Repair & Replacement

Trust in the quality and professionalism of the team at Central Flood Management. Our technicians are experts in pipe repair, replacement, and cleaning and are fully prepared to correct any type of pipe problems. Whether you have experienced a storm or disaster that has wreaked havoc on your home’s pipe, or are looking to upgrade or fix what’s currently in your home, our team can help.

The professionals at Central Flood are fully trained, certified and continually educated on better and improved processes to assist all of our customers. We are prepared for any emergency you may find yourself in. If you have experienced a problem with your hot water heater, Central Flood can repair or replace it, and are able to clean up any water that has damaged your home. We can get you cleaned up, dried out, and restored back to working order.

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Central Flood Management is concerned about your emergency plumbing needs. From large and overwhelming emergency plumbing issue to just a single room, Central Flood Management can clean up any emergency plumbing damage. Immediate response to your phone call. Our emergency plumbers are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A person will kindly answer your phone call and assist with your 24 hour emergency plumbing needs today!

When you need help with your emergency plumbing repair in Temecula, call Central Flood Management right away to speak to one of our emergency plumbers.

We provide plumbing services throughout Temecula CA, including 92562, 92563, 92590, 92591, 92592, 92596.

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“These guys really showed up for me and were efficient and very knowledgeable and very caring. Thank you!” – Lari M.

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Over 20 Years Serving Temecula Customers

We have over 20 years experience with the latest equipment and technological skills. By calling an emergency plumber in Temecula CA, we will be on our way with our trained experts to restore your emergency plumbing damaged house or business back to normal. We have the necessary plumbing repair knowledge and experience to provide you with a quick and effective fix to any urgent issue.


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