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After any disaster to your home or business it is important to call a company that you know is reliable and can fix the damage and clean the mess up quickly. We take great pride at Central Flood Management on our customer service, and we know you trust us to be reliable, courteous and professional. It is our goal to stay in good communication with you throughout the process and provide the attention to detail that is needed, regardless the size of the loss.

We can handle all of your emergency restoration services including:

  • Flooding From Storms
  • Sewage Backups
  • Mold Removal
  • Broken Pipes
  • Washing Machine Malfunction
  • Dishwasher Malfunction
  • Toilet Overflow
  • Water Heater Failures

Trained and Certified

As emergency water extraction specialists, our technicians are trained extensively and are certified by the industry leaders IICRC in damage restoration (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification).  With our standardized and proven methods, we have helped customers with many different emergency situations. Available DAY OR NIGHT, we will arrive promptly and immediately get to work. Our specialization includes water damage cleanup, restoration, and virtually any plumbing need so even after the problem is taken care of, Central Flood Management can confidently return your property to its pre-loss condition.

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  • BBB A+ Rating
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  • We bill directly to insurance
  • We pay for your deductible up to $2500
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With a quick response time and the experience to get the job done right the first time, Central Flood Management is the only company you need to call.

Why Choose Central Flood Management?

When you’re in need of it most, we can bring relief to your home or business. We provide reliable and professional emergency cleanup, and take care of the problem from start to finish. Our IICRC certified technicians arrive promptly to your location and get to work right away. We’re available 24/7, day or night, if you’ve suffered a property loss from a broken pipe, flood, storm, mold, or any plumbing issues. We take the trust you put in us seriously, and work hard to make our customers our top priority.

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From Our Customers

We are so satisfied with their superb jobs. Great people they are open to help us so far as they can do so…We recommend this company…Happy to work with and deal with business…Well DONE!!

Reynaldo C.

Thanks to Nate and Jason’s professional work. They explained everything on a way I could understand. Very thorough and credible. They are good representations of the company. Your office staff was very courteous on the phone.


I am more than satisfied with all the work done and every worker that has been here. I would highly recommend them.

Rose G.

My toilet malfunctioned and flooded my home. The crew that came to help were easy to work with. They arrived at my home and turned the water off to stop any more flooding. They dried up all the water. The guys were very helpful in showing me what needed to be done to dry out the walls to prevent mold from growing. they worked with my insurance adjuster and restored my home.


Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. I have never seen such a dysfunctional [insurance] company. I hope not to have to again. You have been great to work with.


Thank you for your excellent service.

Mrs. Bleafth

Dear Sandy, Thank you for all your help and patience!


Job well done! We thank you!

Jim B.

This past Holiday season I had a bad flood in my home due to my toilet overflowing all over the floor. Not knowing what to really do…I called the first number I saw on the front cover of the phone book which had to be the best decision I made. This company has a remarkable response time and great customer service. They sent out two guys who really help me through this tough time and walked me step by step through the process and worked directly with my insurance company. From the moment I called talking to the very professional receptionist who help calm my nerves to the end of the reconstruction this company helped me get my home back together. I would DEFINITELY recommend this company to anyone!

Tammy W.

The company has been extremely helpful, efficient, and honest. Given advice has been very helpful as I had never experienced a loss with any insurance company. Packing was efficient, inventory list complete. On whole the experience / help has been appreciated.


For Randy and your company, thank you for all the help and for more help we still need from you and start to finish.


Randy, Thank you for all the work you did for our house.


Without hiring these excellent pros, we would have lost our house. The water damage caused by a slab leak would have been very costly for us, and with the insurance rep who basically refused to cover the damage, I was sure we will go in foreclosure. I am grateful we hired them. They know how to deal with the insurance (their bureaucracy) and how to handle all the repairs necessary. They guided us through all the process. The important key was to hire them as soon as the damage happened. Very grateful!

Dalia Q.

Thank you for a prompt and good job!


Dear Jason, Thank you very much for all the hard work you did for me! I appreciate everything! You are so kind and so polite and so was Caleb! Your parents deserve a lot of credit for raising you like they did. The house is better than it ever was! Good luck always


Response was rapid. Technician was very knowledgeable and well spoken. The office admin did an excellent job in keeping me informed as to job status. I would surely recommend CFM.

Jose G.

We had the terrible misfortune of having a toilet valve explode and cause a flood in our home…Upon discovery of this “lake”, we called the experts. They came in and within 15 minutes began their cleanup efforts. They were not only thorough and technically excellent but there is something much more to this story…The owner, Gene Willis, came out immediately from about 30 miles away, and gave us technical and emotional assurance that all would be well. That type of genuine concern and effort to help against the insurance company is what made these emotional times bearable…They took over all of the Insurance issues and we didn’t have to pay for anything; every time the Insurance Company would try to make us feel uncomfortable so as to settle, Their team stepped in and made sure that all of our Insurance rights were protected. In the end, They made our house whole again…If you have this type of misfortune, this team will make you and your property whole again.

Phil M.

Workmen, especially Jason, were punctual and efficient. Clear expectations were always provided.

Edward C.

I can’t begin to tell you what a positive experience this has been. Caleb has done an amazing job keeping everything in order, and informing me of all that was going on. I would go through this again only if it your company taking charge!

Christine Z.

We feel that Nathan and Jason did a great job in our house. The people that helped them did a good job and respected them and did what they ordered them to do. They are very thorough. I will not hesitate to tell people the experienced we had or to recommend them to anyone who needed help like us. Keep up the Good Work!!

Rosalinda L.

Nathan came promptly the first visit and on time the remaining appts. He cleaned up well. He explained what he was doing and the next steps in the job.

Nancy S.

Many thanks to all the great people who helped me with my flood. Your work is worth every penny to me. I appreciate your expert and prompt service and will call you again if I need you.

Charlotte M.

They were very quick to arrive on the scene and dry out the floodwater from a 2nd floor broken water pipe. After a couple of days, they stated there is water detected under the 1st floor tile and the tile floor has to be replaced. My Insurance company asked for a 2nd opinion. I went in person to view the 2nd opinion and met the insurance adjuster. We watched the 2nd flood company do an assessment of the flood damage and they used some devices. The 2nd opinion also stated that there is water detected under many 1st floor tiles and the tile floor needed to be replaced. My Insurance company then paid a fair market value price for the replacement of the tile floor on the 1st floor. They had the data and their technicians were correct with the flood assessment…kudos to them.

P. Cash

Dear Randy, Thank you for all your help throughout this long ordeal. I appreciate all that you and your team did for Mom’s home. Again, thanks for all that was involved in this project.


I was very impressed with the young men who assisted me with my problem.


These guys really showed up for me and were efficient and very knowledgeable and very caring. Thank you!

Lari M.

Outside of uncontrollable delays, I have been extremely happy with the work performed and especially with the workers. They were the most helpful and friendly guys going. Thank you.

Joseph N.

You all were fantastic! From answering the phone at midnight to working through out the early hours of the morning and then back again. I was amazed how much you accomplished so quickly! I appreciate the follow up, always being on time and kind. Thanks for the hard work and getting everything dried out and cleared out.

Christine M.

We had a water pipe burst under our slab that flooded the entire home. Working with the team went great–the crew showed up right away. We called them at 2:30 am and they were at our home by 3:30 am…they informed us of all there recommendations and started the work right away…they returned to our home several times during the dry out process, kept all of their appointments/showed up when they said they would. Jason helped me through the process of filing a claim with my insurance company and worked with my insurance company during the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a flood in their home and wants a reliable and trustworthy company to work with.


Great Company! The technicians saw us all the way through to the end of the restoration process. We are very happy with the results and can’t wait to see what our house sells for.


Good Job. Thanks for your help.

Jose R.

I couldn’t have asked for a better company!!! The lady in the office was professional and efficient in getting me the help I needed. (mind you, I was hysterical finding a pool in my kitchen on a Friday morning before school drop off) She assured me that things like this happen all the time and everything would be taken care of by the technicians. The guys arrived promptly and wasted no time getting to work. They even walked me though filing my claim with my insurance and spoke to my adjuster directly. Starting from the flood to the pack out and right into the reconstruction, and even getting my claim paid all went without a hitch. This company did it all, and made the whole process completely stress free for my family and I. I recommend this company if you want your job done correctly. Outstanding service!


Thanks so much for seeing us all the way to the end of this huge restoration. We’re very happy with the results and will surely let you know when it sells.

Janet D.

Dear Caleb and Jason, I wanted to again say a big “Thank you” for covering my insurance deductible on my kitchen slab leak and rehab project. It was needed and truly appreciated. May God honor and bless it, and your business because of your generosity!

Zauy B.

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