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Sewage damage in your home or business can destroy furniture, cabinets, walls, floors and more, but that’s just the beginning of the problem! When sewage damage is not treated immediately it can lead to moist and humid conditions that toxic mold grows in. Don’t let sewage damage develop into a much bigger and more expensive problem. If you have leaks, flooding, leaking or broken pipes, noticeable sewage backup or any type of standing water in your home or business, it is important to find and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Our team at Central Flood Management specializes in sewage cleanup and black water removal.

We focus on helping our customers recover and restore their property as soon as possible. It is our job to minimize the damage to your property by prompt and thorough action which will bring your contents and structure as close to pre-flooding condition as possible.

Following leading industry practices and procedures to ensure that your home is completely clean and safe, we have the safety and health of your family in mind. Using the latest in technology and the best cleanup procedures we work to remove all trace of sewage contamination within your home or business.  

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Sewage Damage Restoration

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Though there are many types of water damage, sewage or “black water” is the most dangerous because it contains pollutants and toxic pathogens, including human waste. This type of water comes from storm drain or sewage backups, toilet failure, or external floodwaters. It typically has a distinct smell and color, but even “clean” floodwater has the potential to become “black water” if it isn’t addressed promptly.

At Central Flood Management, we specialize in sewage damage restoration and sewage removal and will recommend the best way to remove the sewage and restore the damaged home or business as quickly as possible.

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